Menstrual Health Day – the impact of menstrual cups in Kakamega, Kenya

This Menstrual Health Day we want to share the impact menstrual cups have had on a community in Kakamega, Kenya.

This project, funded by Dorcas International, with local support from the Community Health Initiative Group (CHIG), distributed 750 menstrual cups to women and girls in the community and provided training on cup use and basic reproductive health education.

I previously used mattress cuttings which I would cut into pieces, place a rag on top of each piece and wrap it thoroughly to try and avoid any leaking. This was uncomfortable and would smell. I am very happy with the cup because I feel comfortable and safe when wearing it.

– Hilda Shihachi
A woman wearing a green top and holding a pink menstrual cup

Watch our impact video to hear more from the women and girls in the community.

Projects like this are so important to not only distribute cups to those who need them, but to pave the way for conversations around menstrual health and a period friendly world.

A group of women stood together, with some of them holding menstrual cups