Based in Italy.

AmyCup menstrual cups are propduced and distributed by Athena Holding Srl is an Italian company: currently the AmyCup In&Out, the AmyCup Crystal and the new AmyCup Vitality. Athena Holding donates menstrual cups to small communities in Africa, Asia and South America. Athena is also working with governments to improve the awareness of menstrual cups.

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Could You?

Could You? logo

We are a US (NYC/San Diego) 501c3 working across Africa with a focus in Mozambique, Ghana, Liberia, Uganda, South Africa

CouldYou? is a proven non-profit in the menstrual health / hygiene space in developing countries providing menstrual health education and distribution of the CouldYou? menstrual cups to vulnerable girls in Africa; in rural and peri-urban communities. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is central to CouldYou? approach to results-based management. We have built long term relationships with local communities, NGO’s and the Ministries of Health, Education and Gender. Our work in girls and women empowerment has directly benefitted +50,000 women/girls with a focus in Mozambique, Ghana, and Liberia. In 2019 we provided menstrual health education and a CouldYou? menstrual cup to 16,000 vulnerable girls in Africa. Solving the issue of period poverty is not just a matter of providing a product. CouldYou? is committed to normalize menstruation and break stigmas and taboos, so when we distribute the cup we accompany the distribution with educational workshops for both boys and girls about the menstrual cups, menstruation, SRHR, consent, etc. We also work with celebrity ambassadors to encourage girls to try the cup. We’ve produced a music video, a comic book and a Public Service Announcement. We also hire marginalized women to make our cotton carrying bags; giving them an opportunity to set up a small business.

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Lunette Menstrual Cups are produced by Finnish company Lune Group.

Activities: Lunette team has a strong vision about giving a comfortable, healthy, zero waste solution for menstruation and breaking the menstrual taboos world wide.

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Menstrual Health Hub

Based in Berlin and London.

Working globally.

Activities: Menstrual health community global ecosystem building, knowledge-sharing around MH research, education, policy and innovation, advocacy at local, national and international levels, strategic consulting and advising from a human rights-based and women-centered design approach across the female health lifecycle.

Twitter: @MHHub_global
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Precious Stars

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Based in Kingston, United Kingdom.

Activities: Stocks a range of high quality eco-friendly menstrual products, including menstrual cups shipped worldwide (excluding Mexico). Video blogs give information about use and choice of cups.

Bryony Farmer of Precious Stars explains the differences between brands, materials, design of cups, and experiences using a cup as a young woman.

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TheFlow World

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Based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. We work primarily in the LA area but also distribute cups and information to other parts of the US and the world.

TheFlow provides bilingual (Spanish/English) education about reusable menstrual products in and around Los Angeles, and donates menstrual cups to low-income women and girls here and elsewhere. Our mission is to spread the word about reusable menstrual products, and to get them to women and girls who need them. We work on breaking stigma around periods, strive for a 2030 where everyone has heard of a menstrual cup, and know that together we can help women and girls live fairer, healthier and greener lives.

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World Menstrual Network

World Menstrual Network

Based in UK. Working in Malawi, Kenya, Nepal, Worldwide.

Activities: Connects and informs organizations working in menstrual health, anywhere in the world and especially East and Southern Africa. WoMeN also advises INGOs and governments on menstrual cup project implementation, educational materials and training. Advocacy on menstrual cups through media, workshops and conferences.

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