The Butterfly Cup Company

Based in Harare, Zimbabwe and working in Zimbabwe and UK.

Activities: Provide menstrual cups and period underwear to women and girls in Zimbabwe through partnering with NGOs, direct sales and through the Menstrual Health Specialists Trust of Zimbabwe. Also provides education and training on menstrual health and how to use the Butterfly Cup and Viva Lily pants.

Website: and
Twitter: @thebutterflycupco
email: [email protected]

The Cup Effect

The Cup Effect logo

Based in London. Working with organisations in Malawi, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Norway, Canada and the UK.

Activities: Consultancy services to NGOs and funders reviewing their menstrual health provision to use menstrual cups. This includes advice, capacity building, training of trainers, curriculum development, programme planning, implementation, co-design, and strategy development. The Cup Effect also leads and takes part in global menstrual health advocacy initiatives, with a focus on challenging misconceptions about menstrual cups and promoting informed choice.

Facebook page:
Twitter: @TheCupEffect
Instagram: @the_cup_effect
Contact: [email protected]

Menstrual Matters

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Based in London. Working in US, UK, and Australia.

Activities: Global online English language resources. The promotion of menstrual cups as the best menstrual management option available, especially in regard to mental and physical health. A cup can encourage body positivity by allowing users to get to know and appreciate their ‘tabooed’ reproductive anatomy; help users to understand the process of menstruation better.

Facebook page: @MenstrualMattersDotCom
Contact: [email protected]
Twitter: @MenstruMatters

Precious Stars

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Based in Kingston, United Kingdom.

Activities: Stocks a range of high quality eco-friendly menstrual products, including menstrual cups shipped worldwide (excluding Mexico). Video blogs give information about use and choice of cups.

Bryony Farmer of Precious Stars explains the differences between brands, materials, design of cups, and experiences using a cup as a young woman.

Contact: [email protected]