The Coalition

What is the Menstrual Cup Coalition?

The Menstrual Cup Coalition is a voluntary affiliation which connects people and organisations to share experience and knowledge on cup provision and use. By combining strengths and working together, the impact of our work can expand and improve even further. The Menstrual Cup Coalition aims to improve the quality and range of research, and build evidence on the valuable role menstrual cups can play to improve girls and women’s sexual and reproductive health, dignity and equity.

The Menstrual Cup Coalition Foundation 2018
The Menstrual Cup Coalition was founded after The Cup Foundation organised the first Menstrual Cup Summit in Nairobi, in January 2018.

Members of the Menstrual Cup Coalition have expertise working with schoolgirls and boys, teachers, nurses, refugees, politicians, working women, rural mothers and fisherwomen. They challenge stigmas against menstruation, and promote menstrual health in many sectors, including Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), Education, Health, Environment, faith groups, and government standards and tax departments.

Members of The Menstrual Cup Coalition are committed to the promotion of informed choice, and the responsible and safe use of menstrual cups in an ethical manner. They work together on menstrual cup interventions to inform the policies, decisions and actions of stakeholders including governments, faith leaders and NGOs to support, fund and authorise menstrual cup interventions. Members share information, such as training materials, leaflets or booklets, research, data collection methods and protocols, and successes and challenges experienced in research, programmes, education and marketing. They advise each other on ongoing and future relevant activities; identify research priorities; and collaborate on joint research projects.

Some organisations and governments working on menstrual health offer only disposable or washable pads to girls. The Menstrual Cup Coalition challenges this limited approach and will help to better inform where misinformation about menstrual cups occurs.

The Menstrual Cup Coalition does not endorse specific menstrual cup products or answer questions from individuals or organisations. Further information about menstrual cups is available on members’ websites and Facebook forums, or by contacting member organisations via their websites or email addresses.

Any organization may join if they work in menstrual health and in manufacturing, education, communication, distribution, design, advocacy, campaigning, projects, programmes or other work relevant to menstrual cups.  If your organization is interested in joining the Menstrual Cup Coalition, please apply to join the Menstrual Cup Coalition here.  We are not open to individual members but individuals may contact any member organisation directly for information that is not on the website.

Here is the blueprint agreed by members in January 2019.

The Menstrual Cup Coalition supports the safe use of affordable menstrual cups by sharing knowledge and good practice globally.

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