Menstrual Cup Coalition Blueprint

The Menstrual Cup Coalition supports the safe use of affordable menstrual cups
globally, by sharing knowledge and good practice.

A ‘coalition’ is an alliance of people with a shared interest. The Menstrual Cup
Coalition connects people and organisations to share experience and knowledge. By
combining our strengths and working together we can expand the impact and
improve the quality of our work.

What The Menstrual Cup Coalition will do:

  1. Encourage members to work together on menstrual cup interventions.
  2. Encourage members to influence the policies, decisions and actions of
  3. stakeholders such as governments, faith leaders and NGOs to support, fund or
  4. authorise menstrual cup interventions.
  5. Hold a designated bank account to hold donations and pay for administration.
  6. One member will act as treasurer who will keep and distribute regular
  7. accounts.
  8. Designate one member organization to organize an annual Menstrual Cup
  9. Summit.
  10. After each Menstrual Cup Summit, produce an annual report.
  11. Observe relevant data protection protocols.

What The Menstrual Cup Coalition will not do:

  1. Answer questions from individuals or organisations – anyone can go to
  2. members’ and other relevant websites for information.
  3. Hold or run activities or projects.
  4. Raise funds for particular projects.
  5. Endorse specific menstrual cup products. (Opinions will remain those of
  6. members, not the coalition.)
  7. Monitor the activities of members.

Members of The Menstrual Cup Coalition will:

  1. Be committed to the promotion of informed choice and the responsible and
    safe use of menstrual cups in an ethical manner.
  2. Agree to share information, including:
    a. Training curricula and materials (diagrams, written narratives, visual aids
    b. Information for cup recipients (e.g. leaflets or booklets)
    c. Research ideas, data collection methods, questionnaires and protocols
    d. Frameworks for workshops and focus groups
    e. Successes and challenges experienced in research, programmes, education
    and marketing.
    f. Contacts and funding opportunities
    g. Events and conferences relevant to cups
    h. Set up Google Drive or Cloud folder to discuss and share activities.
  3. Communicate via their own emails. Anyone, member or not, can contact
    members for information via their websites or links or email addresses.
  4. Advise each other on ongoing and future relevant activities.
  5. Listen to cup users’ experiences and comments.
  6. Identify research priorities and collaborate on joint research projects.
  7. Develop and share monitoring and evaluation indicators.
  8. Create guidance to implement best practice menstrual cup projects.
  9. Engage with and inform relevant sectors, stakeholders, and government
    departments about menstrual cups. e.g. Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH),
    Education, Health, Environment, Import/Export, National Bureau of
    Standards, Inland Revenue etc.
  10. Not pass 0n confidential information or contacts without permission.
  11. Not bring the Menstrual Cup Coalition into disrepute or use the name for
    material gain (e.g. endorsements of commercial products.)

Membership of The Menstrual Cup Coalition

  1. Any organization may join if they work in menstrual health, and already or potentially, in menstrual cup interventions, in research, manufacturing, education, communication, distribution, design, advocacy, campaigning, projects, programmes or other work relevant to menstrual cups and menstrual cup interventions. A working group will assess potential members.
  2. Members may use the logo of the Menstrual Cup Coalition on their emails, letterheads etc.
  3. There will be no set fee for The Menstrual Cup Coalition but members are invited to pay a voluntary donation towards basic adminstration (e.g. website and administration).
  4. Questions related to governance, global expansion, etc. may be explored further at each Menstrual Cup Summit, subject to sufficient preparation.

The Menstrual Cup Coalition supports the safe use of affordable menstrual cups by sharing knowledge and good practice globally.

All photos © World Menstrual Network unless otherwise stated.